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Zero-gee sex and the perils thereof, aka Trouser Snakes on a Starship

Eheh, forgot the subject line the first time... sorry.

Okay, so I tried to Google it and came up with mostly message board discussions ("yeah, that sounds hot").
In a story I plan to write, the main character and his gay lover will, at some point, have sex while traveling in space. (Besides that, I was curious about this anyway.) Would that even work- would the "zero-gravity" affect their... performance?
I gotta admit, I don't know much about sex, so I don't plan to write a detailed smut scene- I'm just thinking about little things for the main character to be embarrassed about. Would, er, fluids end up floating about? That kind of thing.

I hope I got it right this time. ._.;;;

ETA: Thanks for the help and interesting discussion (by all means, keep talking though. XD) ♥
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