Jackie (fabulousfrock) wrote in little_details,

Amputation of wings

Okay, I have a winged character who has his wings amputated. I've looked up amputation, so I understand how it's done, but obviously, wings being fictional, I haven't been able to find anything about that in particular. I wondered if there would be anything different about amputating a wing vs. amputating an arm or whatever. (This is your average human-with-feathered-wings unscientific fantasy creation.) What kind of scarring would it leave?
Also, what would the recovery process be like? I couldn't find anything about recovery from amputation except for like, rehab. I just want to know how long it would take for the wounds to heal, how much mobility would the character have, any possible problems that might arise? Any details you can give would be awesome.

Note: This is all taking place with approximately late-Victorian/early-Edwardian levels of technology, and the amputation would be performed by a skilled doctor in a hospital.

Tags: ~humanoid flight, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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