Vanessa du Frat (ness_du_frat) wrote in little_details,
Vanessa du Frat

Most difficult piano piece

Hello !
In the same frame of mind as what was posted by poshcat about the piano child prodigy, I have a question for you : my main character is a pianist, and at the age of 13, he's supposed to have played something considered extremely difficult. He had several weeks, even months to practice, and it was also quite a long piece (20 minutes at least).
As a piano player myself, I know of some quite difficult pieces, but nothing beyond reach for a normal person. I'd like a very difficult piece, technically difficult. I thought about Rachmoninov, Chopin, Lizst or Prokofiev, but I don't really have any example.
Do you know of an extremely difficult and impressive piece among those composers ?
It would be really cool !
It needs to be piano only, so no concerto (or symphony transcription).
Do you also know of some difficult pieces for four-hands ?

Thanks a lot !!!
Tags: ~music

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