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college applications in theatre -- especially at Tisch

I have a character who is a high school senior who is pursuing theatre/musical theatre (I'm still debating which way to go on this). I've done quite a bit of research on different programs via their offical websites, etc, but none of that really gives me a clear picture of what I need to know. I'm relatively set on her attending Tisch after college, but that's still up in the air a little. So here are my questions.

Other than Tisch, what are the best schools to apply to for drama (not a film acting focus--this girl is a live theatre lover)? Where does AMDA rank in the mix, even though I know it's not a BFA program?

If she were to apply early decision to Tisch, when would she find out if she got in? Is there anything I should know about the audition/application process that is not on the admissions website?

What are the REAL differences between the studios, if she doesn't do CAP 21? I can see what they are on the website, but that doesn't say much about the feel of them. Based on my own history in theater, I'm personally most drawn to Stella Adler and the Atlantic Theater Company, but I haven't done any theater since I graduated my arts high school in 1999, and I've forgotten a lot of it. And I know nothing about the different studios' reps.

Oh yeah--one more thing. I haven't selected audition monologues for myself since 1997, so I'm reaaaaaally out of it on what a person should pick. Any list of suggested monologues and/or musical pieces (in case she does apply for CAP21)?

Besides my specific questions, I would also love any personal accounts of applying to a theatre program at Tisch, whether or not you got in. I just want to get a feel for what happens.

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