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Baptist Minister Education

I've Googled this, I've checked out the websites for various Seminaries and I've fought with Wiki over it. It is possible that I'm not looking for the right terms, but I've spent two days searching and I need to get back to the story.

1. What is the least amount of education needed for a person to become a Baptist Minister? Would a Bachelor's degree be enough or would the person need to get a Master's?

2. If a Bachelor's degree is enough for a career in the ministry, would a Bachelor's in Religious Studies from a Liberal Arts college work, or would the person have to spend time in a Seminary?

I appreciate any help...Thanks.

Edit: Forgot to add that my character would have completed his education in the early 1980's and moved to Casper, Wyoming to begin his service.

Edit2: Thanks everyone. I think I have enough information to make to his education plausable. I appreciate it.
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