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Drastic changes to earth's geography

This is such a specific and hypothetical question that I really wasn't sure how to search for it...

Basically, in the world I'm working with is an alternate earth. Or at least, I was originally going to use earth's geography. However, some recent thoughts on the history of this planet have led me to believe that I may have to use a somewhat modified geography. But, my knowledge of the effects of cataclysmic events on a planetary scale is rather sketchy, so I decide to ask you guys...

Okay, so if someone were to blast North and Central America completely out of existence (in this case, the blast is caused by the release of a huge amount of energy as one of the gods of the universe that any rate, it's not a meteor impact or anything along those lines), how would this effect sea level on the rest of the continents? In this case, I'm talking hundreds of years later, rather than, say, a week after it happened.

Although, while I'm asking...what kind of flooding would result after the initial blast? I'm assuming that there's going to be huge tidal waves slamming into the coastlines of pretty much every other part of the planet. And, of course there's the whole dust cloud issue. Are there any other effects that I'm not thinking of?

For the record, I did try looking up information on the supposed meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, but I wasn't able to find quite the information I was looking for. A lot of it was really technical stuff and focused more on trying to prove one way or another whether or not it was the cause of the extinction, rather than what the direct effect of the meteor was. And those that did talk about the effects tended to focus on the dust cloud and the possible results of that...
Tags: ~catastrophes, ~climate/weather

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