Raven (loneraven) wrote in little_details,

Driving to the ocean from Washington DC

In this story, I have a character who, for mad reasons of her own, is driving east from Washington DC. All she really wants is to get to the ocean, and she doesn't really care how long or what route she takes to she gets there, only that she does get there. She's not very stable, mentally speaking, at the time of the journey, so she's unlikely to take the best, quickest, most direct route, especially as she hasn't done any research beforehand but is basically just getting into the car and driving.

What I want to know is what route she'd be most likely to stumble on, what she might see on the way - little things, like what the landscape would be like (we're talking October/November, some year in the mid-90s) - and where on the coast she'd be likely to end up.

(I'm having trouble researching this, as looking at maps online doesn't really give me a feel for real places, and besides, it's hard to use them and take account of the fact the journey isn't planned. I'd appreciate any tips on searching, too. Thanks.)

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