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Electromagnetic Pulse and older cars

Okay, so I'm writing a fic set in the Dark Angel universe, where a terrorist group sets off a pulse about a mile over seattle.  The EMP in that setting fries all the computers and data on the west coast of America.  I'm not sure how realistic the canon science is, I just don't want to sound horribly stupid when I write in it.   

Everything I'm coming up with on Google is either super-technical or super-vague.  I remember a little from War of the Worlds, but I'm not watching that thing again for research.

The question I'm having is how would the pulse affect vehicles?  I believe newer cars (the pulse happens in 2009) would be screwed because they're so computer-filled.  How about something older?  

Would a 1986 GMC truck run afterwards if it had been turned off at the time?  If not, would it be possible to just change out a part from a local source, or would they all be fried too?

What about a 1967 Chevy Impala that had been lovingly packed away? I figure the battery's been taken out, the gas tank drained, is there anything else that should be done to store a classic car long-term?  Would it run, post-pulse?

Thanks in advance,

(edit: I think I have my answer. Thanks for all your input.)
Tags: ~cars, ~catastrophes

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