Heather (sydneygb) wrote in little_details,

Do Australian elections have write-ins?

I'm doing a quick-sweep of Wikipedia to learn about Australian elections and how they differ from American ones. It appears Australians don't vote for the candidate for PM, they vote for the party. The party who gets the most control of seats in the House of Representatives or the Senate gets to put their man in as PM. (If I've gotten this much wrong, please correct me -- I'm in the middle of writing something and I'm trying not to get too distracted, but this is important.)

Is there any such thing as a "write-in candidate" in Australian elections? Say for instance the head of a certain organisation were to do something to make himself immensely popular, but he isn't officially running for any office. The people love him and want him to lead the country, since in my story, the official government is doing a very poor job. Do they have the power or the means to put this man into power?

Thank you in advance for fielding my question. Once the Muse quits hitting me I'll do heavier research, but she's mad enough at me just now for diverting to ask you this! :)
Tags: australia: government

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