KT Coope (kt_coope) wrote in little_details,
KT Coope

cyberpunky questions (hacking + cracking, violence)

Okay, this for a science-fantasy/cyberpunk thriller kinda thing. (The same way I was asking about DNA for earlier)

Although the net in this works very differently, I want to keep a vague feeling of believability. So some questions, technology first.

1) Does anyone know any good sources on hacker and cracker culture. The protagonist does both (designing AI that let him crack even better as well, I'm trying to get a cracker who isn't seen as lame by hackers) so I'd like to get some of both disciplines. I'm already loving up the Jargon File but I was wondering if there were any other recommended ones.

2) I know there are sites like SamSpade in real life that are used for tracking down the origins of email addresses and IP addresses and the like, but do people have specific programs for this? Is there a name for them?

3) What are the side effects of keeping yourself up for days with caffeine, or general excess consumption of the stuff? Does guarana have the same side effects? Likewise Taurine?

4) There is a kind of program that generates flashing images (or sometimes sounds as well) that effects the mind (and I THINK possibly heart rate) to generate different sensations like euphoria or nausea. Does this have a name?

5) Likewise, does the practice of dropping frames into cinema that we can't see but the brain recognizes (like they did in the exorcist) have a technical name?

And now some violence stuff.

6) If someone's head is cut off, and hits a tiled floor, what kind of sound is it going to make? And how long will it be before the body falls over? (The cut has been made with a mono-edge)

7) What are the effects of someone's heart rate being slowed? And how long can it be stopped before the person suffers irreversible damage? The character has some cybernetic modifications so I have a bit of leeway with this but still.

8) I want a character to get his throat cut but not die. It's done from the front with a fairly uncontrolled slash, probably with either a shard of glass or metal... how long is he likely to have before passing out and how fast will he need medical attention to survive it? Again, sci-fi for the medical but they can't bring people back from the dead.

9) How loud (and how long) would something have to be to deafen someone?

Cheers in advance!
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