they come and come, like light under the door (normalhumanbein) wrote in little_details,
they come and come, like light under the door

Body Modification - Subdermal Implants.

I've got a character who's getting a subdermal implant. Nothing fancy - it's a werewolf story, and the character basically needs to get as much metal under their skin as possible in order to stay in human shape. 

Having wiki'd and googled this, I've managed to find plenty of pictures and explanations of what subdermals are, but very little on the insertion procedure. How are they done? How much do they hurt? How much (or how little) scarring can be expected? Details would be great, but right now I'd kill for even a vague idea of the procedure involved. 

Also, is there any terminology I should be aware of, either regarding the procedure itself or terms (both technical and slang) for the implant itself? 

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~body modification: piercings

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