Principessa (principessar) wrote in little_details,

Information about the song "Solovii?"

Does anyone know anything about the song "Solovii?" The English title is "Nightingales" I am not sure how exactly it is spelled in Russian as I've only found the title transliterated. It's on the CD "Echoes of a Red Empire," of which the information states it was of the WWII era, but I don't know when or by whom it was written. There is no entry, as far as I can find, on Wikipedia, and my google searching in English and French doesn't turn up anything. I've tried searching a little in Russian but I don't understand anything I find. I'd like the lyrics, the translation, the history and all of that, if possible, so if you know any websites or have personal knowledge about it, that would be great. 

If this helps, it is also featured in the film East/West (by Sergei Bodrov.) 

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~languages: russian, ~music

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