Jessica (youallwin) wrote in little_details,

Sappy Love Letter References

I have a character that is writing a love letter to a girl. The girl reads a lot (especially victorian-era literature) and the character wants to use literary allusions, references, and quotes. This should involve things like references to a character that had unrequited love, mentions of 'lovers' who were meant for each other, and quotes about love. There's also got to be some mention of a Victor Hugo story (although I'm not sure which one it should be).

My problem is that I'm not the most prolific reader of classical literature. I'm not even sure which books to start with and I'd rather not have to read the entire Victorian canon just to get this letter right.

If anyone can help point me in the right direction in terms of characters, stories, quotes, etc, I'd greatly appreciate it.

** EDIT Thanks for the suggestions so far. They're giving me some great ideas. Are there any famous stories/references I can use where one character is planning on marrying someone that is wrong for her and another character (her one true love, of course) is pining away for her? I feel like I've read that motif in Shakespeare, but I'm not sure where. Other suggestions for that would help too.

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