sweet_gardenia (sweet_gardenia) wrote in little_details,

hanging oil lamps

The scenario is the interior of a cottage, night, time period...eh we'll say medievalish not in any particular area of the world you could pin down. From the ceiling hangs a very simple sort of oil lamp with a chain affair hanging from a hook. Our character simply wants to get it down to refill it as it is running low. I am picturing a sort of apparatus with a hook on the end of it that one can use to just reach up with, hook onto the chain and lift said lamp off to place on a nearby table for refill. Now the difficult question is...what could you call this? Does such a thing exist in real life? the term lamphook seems to more fit the actual thing one would hang a lamp from.

EDIT: much obliged my friends...I think I will just keep it simple. I appreciate your input and the links! ^_^

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