Joan M. (joannie_m) wrote in little_details,
Joan M.


Anyone, please?

So you have a colony world, very much Earthlike in most of its conditions, temperate weather tending towards the cool and rainy (summer in England), water available, ground workable, about a hundred and fifty settlers with reasonable understanding of the mission they've undertaken, and technologically inclined. The colony is for non-profit, non-research purposes, it's actually there as a religious act, they want to live there, and have the resources to import most everything they need, most notably industrial products, from Earth. They just got there.

What do they do next?

I've read my Darkover, but really, suppose you land on a world you're familiar with, you know in general terms what you're going to find and have the resources to manage yourself. What's the next immediate steps in the process of colonization? What do they want to have up and running first, for once? I'm trying to make this viable but not perfectly realistic, so could use examples from other SF books for once.

What's the long-term effects of an oxygen-rich atmosphere and a longer night-shorter day cycle on the human physique?

On a completely unrelated note, the supernatural creature known as a 'Grant' - what does its appearance mean?

Thanks in advance!
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