Aurelia (tartary_lamb) wrote in little_details,

Britpicking, Language in Particular

Forgive me if this is inappropriate to the forum, but I was wondering if there are any multifandom Britpicking communities available. I have so far located hp_britglish and dw_britglish which are both valuable resources and I've found a number of British slang websites (and that subforum on FictionAlley), but for someone that wants to post questions for other, smaller fandoms they're only of limited help. So far, I haven't been able to turn up anything. (Well, beyond little_details itself, anyway.)

Is there something else, lurking somewhere in the depths of LiveJournal that I haven't discovered yet? I realize this isn't so much a question about little details as it is a question about where I should be referring my inquiries in future, but hopefully it's still okay.

(To a lesser extent, if such a thing does not exist, would anyone be willing to help out and join if one were, um, created? I'm Canadian, unfortunately, and not exactly qualified to answer questions. Of course, if I was, I probably wouldn't be asking in the first place. Um. I'll be quiet now.)

EDIT: in_english, because I'm apparently incompetent. I'll leave this up, obviously, on the chance anyone else was curious. It does look like it could use more people, though.
Tags: #resources, ~languages: english: uk

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