Coyfox !! (aimlesscoyote) wrote in little_details,
Coyfox !!

Suffocating in a Tunnel

How long can a person live, when trapped in a tunnel? Does anyone know a way to approximate this?

I've been able to discover that:

* A human adult at rest breathes 12-20 times/min

* Typical air is about 20% oxygen

* Typical dry air's volume is 0.075 lbs/cu ft

* Oxygen suffocation begins around 19.5% concentration (although I'm not exactly sure when death occurs)

But I haven't been able to use that information to figure out, if my character is trapped in a 10' x 10' closed room or tunnel, how long will he live? (I'm having flashbacks to grade school algebra here, lol.)

Can somebody help me please? ^_^;
Tags: ~buried alive, ~medicine: suffocation

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