makesmewannadie (norah) wrote in little_details,

Automotive ignorance.

I need a car malady that would cause a car to not start (I need to know if it would grind and turn over, or what, when it didn't start) and that will take about a full day to fix. It should be something that might plausibly happen to, say, an older model (late 70's early 80's) American muscle car. If it requires special-order parts, even better. Anyone? And what simple tools might a mechanic use while diagnosing/fixing the problem? ETA: Just for clarification, I need something that will take approx. 6-8 man-hours to fix, and up to a week's wait for parts.

I slash, so problems that require bending over the hood are better than problems that require scooting under the car. But I will take either, because grease smudges on the cheek and forearms can be kinda hot no matter what.
Tags: ~cars
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