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Mental Institutions-Present Day NJ

OK. I'm writing a Batman fanfic where Batman has been unmasked and incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. I'm going with Gotham being in New Jersey as the DC Atlas has it. 

I'm really trying to get the little things correct (guess I'm in the right spot!) and to avoid the outdated and the illegal.

Background on how things got to this point (ie short synopsis of the 'prequel' to this work): Alfred was kidnapped. Batman went to rescue him and Alfred died in the attempt. Batman was arrested and unmasked. He was injured in the rescue attempt and hospitalized under heavy guard. During a violent nightmare, he attacked and injured a close friend who was trying to calm him down, and since then, he's been semi-catatonic. Although the DA's office ultimately decided not to press charges, based on his mental state, he was involuntarily commited.  


1) I don't want him doped to the gills. Beyond that, anything goes in terms of medications. What would be typical? I'm guessing at this point he'd be, at the very least, on sedatives and antidepressants.

2) What sort of restraints are typically in use in mental institutions, today? (I've seen Silence of the Lambs, but I'm just wondering what the other options are...)

3) What sort of disciplinary actions might be typical? If he refuses, for example, to participate in therapy sessions, or if they suspect he's planning an escape attempt.

4) Would he be in a cell 24x7? Or, like prison inmates, would he still get an hour a day in the exercise yard?

5) What, if any, privileges might be extended as a "reward" for good behavior? 

Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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