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Legal Repercussions of Smuggling

Right. This is actually for a Sim legacy, so loosely based on American law.

A man (who is a former criminal; never caught, doesn't have a record, but was a criminal) is blackmailed into going back into smuggling by his former boss (the boss starts sabotaging the man's wife's culinary career). He decides to bring his former boss to justice and reports him. The boss has evidence incriminating the man, both of his current crimes and former crimes, while the man only has evidence incriminating the boss of current crimes. The smuggling is stealing and smuggling rare museum-level pieces to foreign buyers- the man used to take the items himself, and currently hides them in his house until someone comes to take them out of the country. The boss is found guilty on all charges, but the man is immediately investigated for his smuggling crimes. He is found guilty.

The question: what will his legal punishment be? what jail time will he serve? I've googled and wikipedia'ed about, but can't seem to find this. Thank you!
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