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broken back/back injury/british english

Hello everyone! This is my first post, and I haven't found it in my glance through the memories list.

So, I have a character who has the misfortunate of breaking his back. His spinal cord is fine, and his back is fixable, but it is broken nonetheless. I have many questions about this.

I have basically already half-written this story, just looking to change any mistakes or details. How long could someone expect their convalescence to last? I found a blog about a guy who broke his back riding a bike, and he seemed to be up and at 'em in about six months, and out riding his bike again less than a year later. He didn't give many details though. I found a few pages listing the kinds of surgery you would/could get, so my character is having an initial surgery right away and then another one a week or two later. Does that sound feasible?

How long would he stuck be in hospital at first? Would he be in complete traction, or have a neck brace? For how long? When he goes home, how long would he be bedridden for, and what kind of home care would he have? How long until he can walk under his own power, and how well would he be able to walk at first? What kind of physiotherapy would he have to regularly do, and for how long?

How long would he find previously ordinary things, like f'rinstance having sex (that's basically the most important one!) easy and danger-free again?

Also, he broke his back by being beaten so badly. I'm not too concerned if this is even possible, as I would just say the guy punched him *so hard* it broke his back. But, would this make his healingd ifferent than if he broke it falling off a mountain or something?

Thanks a bunch! Here is an unrelated question about the same story:

I am Canadian and have lived in Scotland for four years. I have picked up a few phrases that are naturally coming out in a particular character- the only problem being that that character is very very hardcore London. I've managed to stop him saying "aye", but I am stuck at things like "nae bother" and "wee" (As in "we had a wee falling out"). "No bother" doesn't sound as right to me, so what would a working-class cockney say instead of "nae bother" or "wee"?

Thanks again!
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