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Ventriculosomy/ subarachnoid hemorrhage

Me again with the medical question, but I'm almost done.

My character has a subaracnoid hemorrhage. For the purposes of my story, I would like him to have some sort of surgical procedure to treat this, and if it's slightly complicated/unusal, more's the better. I have read that one way to treat SAH is a ventriculostomy.

(Is this right? Or would they use a stent instead? I'd like to have whatever it is be a bit complicated.)

Can somebody please explain to me in plain language the mechanics of an endoscopic third ventriculostomy? I've been all through the medical sites and my head is spinning. From what I can tell, it's using an endoscope (or sometimes another blunt tool) to make a hole in the bottom of the third ventricle and thus allowing fluid to drain.

My questions are: what does this look like when it's getting done? How big is the endoscope? Where does the fluid drain to? What the heck is a prepontine cistern?

And the BIG question. Ventriculostomies seem to be (more) standard for hydrocephalus where I gather the idea is to get the fluid OUT of the ventricle into the subarachnoid space. Wouldn't a ventriculostomy for SAH want to do exactly the opposite? How does ths work?

I have no doubt I'm being confusing in my ignorance, but if somebody could talk me through this experience with as much practical detail as possible I would be very grateful.

If ventriculostomy is the completely wrong procedure, could someone give me the right procedure with some details?
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