that cheeky dame (sassydame) wrote in little_details,
that cheeky dame

Tattoo placement on body

I have a character that discovers a birthmark while wading in a stream. Where is somewhere on the back of the body that one could put a tattoo that they a)cannot see without looking in a mirror and b) can easily get to with their hand. If they reach around back it is not too hard to find it once you can see it in the mirror. Must be on back of body below neck and above butt.

Pictures would help. Thanks!

Edit: My character is a child approx 13 years old. There are maybe two small hand mirrors in the whole place of where she lives. The reason I ask is because in a full length mirror I could twist around and see my entire back. But with a small hand mirror....Therefore I wanted to see how many possible places a person really could see with their eyes without having a mirror to elimanate those places persay. I mean she never notices this place because she never sees it when she washes or anything. Hope that explains a bit.
Tags: ~body modification: tattoos

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