the reason i love losing sleep (esperwind) wrote in little_details,
the reason i love losing sleep

Possible environmental changes?

For a currenlty undetermined period of time--at least a century or two, possibly a few millenia--the geomancers in my little fantasy world have been increasing the fertility of the local farmland. Unbeknownst to them, they've been doing this by stripping the lands on the other side of the mountains of nutrients.

I came up with this scenario because I wanted a pretext for putting a desert--or some area hostile to human life--in a place where there probably shouldn't be one. I think the region would realistically get somewhere between forty and sixty inches of rain per year, so I doubt that a dust bowl or desertification could really occur.

Can anyone please tell me what might actually happen to those lands--or at least what I could look up to work it out?

EDIT: Question answered. Thanks, everyone!
Tags: ~science: biology (misc), ~science: geology

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