Total fuckup with great taste in music (arabwel) wrote in little_details,
Total fuckup with great taste in music

Egyprian mythology & musculature from armour-wearing

So, I have two not-really-completely-unrelad tequestions.

#1: is there any mpreg in the Egyptian mythology? I have this feeling that I am either missing something blatantly obvious.... (Why I need to know: I have a mummy accidentally drinking a fertility potiion, and the maker of said potion makes a bitchy comment "Just be happy you're not shacking up with a guy, wouldnöt want you to end up like X" )

#2: Musculature born form wearing armour. So, I have this guy who'äs for the past en years spent a LOT of time wearing a costume/armour thing that weighs roughly 20 kg/45 lbs. we're talking extended wear - severa hous at a time for several days a week. Often with sternous activity of the rockstar on stage kind involved. Assuming he doesn't go to a gym regularly or have any other serious physical pursuits, what sort of musculature would he have developed? Note: he doesn't do much swinging-heavy-objects-like-weapons-around kind of a thing, but it DOES happen.
Tags: egypt: history, ~medicine: human physiology, ~religion: ancient egyptian

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