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I've never been to Sussex! Some things I'd like to know:

1) What do people call police over there? Just police? I've heard "Bobbies" are metro police or something.

2) Do they have diners there? Do they call them diners? If they do, are they 24 hour diners (or does that depend on the individual diner)? And if there are no diners, what's a good public eatery place that might be open 'til the wee twilight hours? And in either case, do they sell alcohol and cigarettes there?

3) There's countryside in Sussex, right? Like, could you have a mansion out in the Sussex countryside?

4) Do they have those condiment squeeze bottles? As in, the red plastic ketchup bottles and the yellow mustard ones?

It's all about the research!
Tags: uk: food and drink, ~restaurants & pubs

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