zee113 (zee113) wrote in little_details,

Defusing WWII bombs

I've googled and wikied every possible permutation of the words above and it was very educational, but still I don't know how my character -a professional- would do it. The fic is set in current Europe, the bomb can be American, British or German made, but definitely World War II.

I just need the main points of the process (but with little life size details to make it less text book-like), since this is something that goes on in the background and I want to concentrate on the conversation. I would like to know what they'd touch first, if there's need to be cutting and so on. They will have to move the bomb eventually.

Also, a drawing (something technical) would be helpful. Thanks.

ETA: Thanks everyone for the links :)
Tags: ~explosive & explosions, ~world war ii

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