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Western-Themed Superheroes and You

Recent Project: I am developing a new character. I don't have much experience in the way of superheroes, but for certain reasons of creative thinking, I have decided to toy with it to an extent. I have chosen a patriotic character with a cowboy theme that I have tentatively called "The American Dream."

I know he's a divorced man in his early 30s with a daughter that knows his secret identity, but nobody else who does. I know his son resents him, but his daughter adores him. I know he still loves his ex-wife, but that the marriage just doesn't work because he spends too much time superhero-ing. I know that he is "Faster than a rattlesnake's bite, stronger than 10 bulls, and tougher than a rocky mountain." I know that he has "eyes keener than a hawk, and hunts like a mountain lion." I know that he has a penchant for quoting famous figures of American history.

... But I don't know his NAME, I don't know what he does for a living, and I don't know where he lives! I'm thinking something like a ranch in Montana, but I don't know if there ARE any ranches in Montana. Is there enough flat space for such a thing? If so, then what kind of ranches?
Or maybe I'll go classic, and toss him in Arizona, or Oklahoma, or... well, I'd actually like to avoid Texas, just so he isn't TOO cliche. ;)

Basically... what sorts of professions, names, or general location options might I have for such a theme? What sorts of Wild West memorobelia could I use (or what directories are there of such? ... which reminds me that I should really do some research before resorting to this community, y'know?) and what common misconceptions are there? What's the proper technique for throwing a lasso? Which famous figures should I be looking up? What fashions (or un-fashions!) should I use (or alter)? What--... Gee, that's a lot of questions. Maybe I'd better just slow down and let people give me some info already. c.c;;

... Yes, this is what happens when someone who is normally not all that into the Wild West sort of thing decides that they suddenly want a piece of the genre. Also, the sad part is that this has absoLUTEly nothing to do with my previous questions about amnesia and blind scholars. Heh... I really should learn to work on one project at a time.
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