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Prison term and parole for assault charges

I have a character who was imprisoned in a fictional city in Michigan, USA in modern times. I want to have him convicted of either assault or attempted murder, but I'm leaning more toward the former because I need to have him paroled. I'm not sure exactly what the sentences would be for these crimes, just that a lot of things figure into it. The character in question is a white male in his middle to late twenties and the victim is close to that age. It was in a bar fight or during an argument that went horribly wrong that all this actually took place - it wasn't premeditated. Given these circumstances, about how long a term would he serve and when would he get an opportunity for parole?

And what is the process of parole like? I assume he would have to go before a parole board, but what would happen? Would he have an attorney with him? What about a social worker of some sort to prove that he was under control and no longer a threat to society? (The character does have some obvious mental issues, such as anger management problems and paranoia that could be worked out with counseling.) How many people would be on the board and would the votes have to be unanimous in order to parole him? What kind of questions would they ask him?

And after he is paroled, what would happen? Would he leave the prison immediately?

Afterward, how often would he have to check in with a parole officer and what sort of things would he have to do?

Ah.. still looking for help. Thanks. :]
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