Linz (full4zaccordion) wrote in little_details,

Question about swords

I'm going back and revising a story of mine and I have a character who is from a race of people who have a culture that is kind of a hybrid of Celtic and First Nations cultures. His weapon of choice is the sword, and I originally wrote him as having a broadsword, but now I'm not so sure it's going to work. A broadsword is mainly for hacking and slashing, right? But, I have a few scenes where my character does some fancy swordwork, such as batting a thrown grenade back at the enemy, and some other things that require him to have one hand free. I always understood that you needed two hands to effectively use a broadsword because of its weight. My character and his people are stronger than average human beings, though. They have a stockier build, and consequently, stronger bones to support their body mass. So, if someone were strong enough, could they use a broadsword the same way as a swordfighting-type sword? (Yes, clearly, I know little about swords) I'm not worried about time period accuracy, because this is a sci-fi story and actually takes place in the future. Confusing, no? ;) Anyway, if anyone knows anything about swords, it would be most helpful!
Tags: ~weapons: swords
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