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Blood transfusion as a treatment for a chronic disease, blood transfusion procedure

Assume contemporary medical knowledge and a flexible technological level in regards to treatment, but either modern or near-modern (the last forty years or so would be okay).

1. Might there be a disease or condition that would require regular blood tranfusions? The more often the better. Disease can be as rare as you want, and don't worry too much about the symptoms of the disease, as long as he can be mentally competent and physically more-or-less able to function (ie not Fanconi Anemia, for instance). The disease can be acquired or congenital, it doesn't matter.

2. So, a patient gets a blood transfusion. The blood they take out of the patient goes first to a biohazard/medical waste trash can. Then it goes to a dump that accepts medical waste. Is that correct? The more details about this process the better. Also, the sorts of places the blood will end up as its final destination would be helpful. That is, assume this is a large urban area with many hospitals. Will there be one centralized location where they dump their waste, specifically for hospitals looking to unload such items? Or is it more likely that most dumps/landfills accept medical waste, and hospitals will contract with them on an individual level? Edit: Okay, so the blood is incinerated. On location? Or do they transport it to an incinerator?
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~medicine: transplants/transfusions

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