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MOD POST: moderation, tags

Because I've been getting some questions.

Item 1
The community is currently moderated, which means that I have to approve posts before they appear on the community. It's probably not something you've done, so don't worry about it.

This was intended to be a temporary measure so I haven't yet bothered to add an explanatory note to the user info, but I find it much more relaxing to reject posts than try to get posters to edit after they're posted, so it's likely going to stay this way for a while. I'll add that note to the user info in a moment.

Item 2
Yes, I do reject posts for breaking minor rules. Yes, it's annoying to have your post rejected because you forgot a subject line or where to find the shift key. Deal.

Item 3
Because I'm trying to keep the tags from becoming even more of an unwieldy and difficult-to-search mess, only maintainers can add tags to posts. You aren't doing anything wrong.

I've moved the tags off of the main page because there were getting to be too many, and it was slowing down the loading of the page. You can still search the posts that are tagged by going here or clicking the "Search Little Details" link I just helpfully entered in as the community's website.

Only a small percentage of posts are currently tagged. I'm working on that, slowly.

... that's it! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

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