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aftermath of attempted suicide

As I was writing my story, I realized that I had never really considered the more techinical side of it, only the emotional, but of course little details are what make a story good (or I wouldn't have joined this community), so:

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One of my characters attempted suicide by taking a bottle of pain killers and following it up with a bottle of wine.  He quickly realizes that this is not the proper course of action and calls an ambulance and is rushed to the hospital.  I know about the physical and emotional affects of this, but I’ve been unable to find information on the financial affects of this (which is a weird aspect to consider, but his family has had a lot of major financial drains – totaled car that must be replaced and the like – and I’m unsure as to whether this would be added to the list of large unexpected expenses).  I’m assuming his stomach would have to be pumped and that he would not be released immediately.  So how much are the fees for – ambulance ride, stomach pump, and X amount of days in the hospital?  Would he have to go to therapy while at the hospital?  My impression has been that he would just be under surveillance for a few days.  Would he be placed into inpatient psychiatric care before he was allowed to return home?  .  When he does return home, if he was seeing a therapist before hand I’m assuming he would be able to return to her, but would there be an increase in the frequency of visits, More than once a week?

This takes place in the US at the present time


Thank you so much in advance

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