David D. Levine (davidlevine) wrote in little_details,
David D. Levine

Black holes

I am beginning research for my second novel, which takes place in orbit around a very large black hole. I'm familiar with the basics of black holes, but because this setting will be such an important part of the novel I need to learn more about what this environment would be like. How far from the event horizon would a space ship (heavily shielded against radiation) have to orbit in order for the crew to survive? Would the most severe hazard be radiation, tidal forces, magnetism, bombardment by infalling matter, or something else? What sorts of temporal effects would be perceptible to the people in the ship? What would you see if you looked up, down, or sideways?

I'm not really expecting this community to provide answers to these questions. But I hope that you can point me to another resource that can -- a book or web site targeted at the interested non-scientist.
Tags: ~science: astronomy, ~science: physics

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