the sun is made of string (spyderwebb) wrote in little_details,
the sun is made of string

early 1900's fashion and knowledge of the Bolshevik Revolution

Hi! Two questions today.

I was wondering, does anyone have any information on Russian fashion in the 1910's? Specifically very formal women's wear. My character is a lesser nobility in Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution. She's an only child and her mother died, so her father lets her get away with much more than most people. What are some colors/styles/patterns that she would wear that would be considered slightly promiscuous?

Secondly, how much knowledge was there before the revolution of the Bolshevik party? I know they had been heard of, but were people suspecting them of wanting to overthrow the tsar? Were people talking about them the way people nowdays discuss political parties?

Thanks a bunch!
Tags: 1910-1919, russia: history, ~clothing

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