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I'm not even sure how to research this one, but maybe someone here can help?

If you put a human body in a crate, how many people would it take to carry it? (I usually see many pallbearers at funerals but I'm not sure if that's just ceremonial.) They're carrying it from a parked car to a apartment, and they can use all their strength, and they don't have to be especially discrete. (I was thinking they would have to go up stairs, but I can eliminate that). But at least some of them are not young men. (I was originally thinking of four older men doing this but I can give them help).

One more question: What if the body were a clay statue? Could people carry that at all?

There is magic in this canon, so I can use that as a "cheat" if I really have to, but I'm wondering what's workable.

Thanks so much for any help.
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