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Uniform for an independent school nurse in the UK, 1972

I have been surfing the net since ten in the morning now (5h hours. I must be mad.), and this is what I think my little nurse should look like. She is 22, has only recently achieved her diploma in nursing, and is employed (to everyones surprise including her own) as a school nurse at a newly founded independent school in Norfolk. If I understand correctly, she would not be employed by the NHS, but by the school. Therefore, no National Uniform for her. Rather, I want her to wear:
- A crisp cotton dress, striped white and blue, with long sleeves that she may occasionally roll up and cover with frills (a little like so:
- A starched white apron and a Petersham Belt (with a buckle her father gave her for graduation) on which she can attach a fob watch
- Flesh-coloured stockings and sensible, tied brown shoes with flat heels
- A cap that is rather plain and small (would it have stripes, or are stripes for students only?)
- A cape, blue on the outside, red on the inside

I suppose being the only nurse around she wouldn't need a nametag.

Does any of this make you yell "Heck, NO!"? Or worse, "Holy anachronism, batman!"?

Would she be furnished with the uniform at her place of employment, or would she buy it herself? If the latter, would she feel compelled (or would it be expected of her) to wear the uniform traveling from her home in Scotland to her new place of employment?

As an additional question, what would she be referred to by the pupils? "Nurse Lastname" is my guess.

Thank you in advance!
Tags: 1970-1979, uk: education, ~clothing, ~medicine (misc)

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