Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in little_details,

Med School: Switching Specializations

OK. I've got this character who finished up her 4 years of medical school. All along, she thought that she was going to become a surgeon. However, the summer immediately after she got her MD, she took a good hard look at her aspirations and realized that surgery was something her family was encouraging her to do because it was, in their eyes, more 'prestigious'. Meanwhile, she's discovered that she seems to have a knack for getting people to share their thoughts and feelings with her, and she wants to switch her specialization to psychiatry.

Leaving aside the real possibility that, if she's had this epiphany in August, she probably won't find a spot in the psychiatry department for the upcoming semester, what would this character need to do in order to change her program at this stage in the game? (And if she does end up not finding a spot, this semester, would it be better for her to go ahead with the surgery specialization in the meanwhile? Or would it be even harder to change a year later? Would it make better sense for her to enrol in some psychology courses?)

(BTW, this is a supporting character in a Batman fanfic. She's studying at Gotham U, and therefore, if any answer to my question starts with: 'it depends on the style/model of the university', that can be as flexible as it has to be.)

Tags: ~medicine: medical education

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