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Stab wounds; Japanese beliefs about afterlife

Thanks for everyone's help on my previous question! These two should be the last for a while ^^ Have Googled and Wikied but on (1), I can't find enough on what happens when there's no ambulances around, and on (2) I've got the basics but am not sure how my research would apply in real life.

1) Character A has been stabbed in the side with a ten-inch knife. As it stands at the moment, she is able to stagger down the corridor and into another room, where she collapses on a bed. She is discovered in less than half an hour and rudimentary first aid is adminstered, but there is no chance of calling an ambulance so I'm thinking all the other characters can do is put pressure on the wound. The thing is, I need A to become conscious for a while and able to speak coherently. Is this plausible? If not, what could I change to make it plausible?

2) Character B's father has died. She is eleven years old. In the West, I guess we would say to her 'he's gone to a better place/he's in Heaven' etc (assuming we're not trying to put across an atheistic viewpoint). What would we say if we were Japanese? I literally just need one line. Would it be about reincarnation, or something Shinto-based?

Thank you!
Tags: japan: folklore, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds, ~religion: buddhism, ~religion: shinto

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