The EV0l Twin (writan_bur) wrote in little_details,
The EV0l Twin

Searching for a symbol...

The lovely mpoetess and xanpet2000 pointed me here, saying that someone might be able to help with my search:

I'm looking for a symbol that signifies something along the lines of 'stopping time', 'timeless sleep' or similar. I have tried some online encyclopedias on mythology and symbolism but haven't been able to find anything.

Alternatively I am looking for something that means half a century/fifty years and something meaning sleep, or dream-like state or something.

I know this is sort of confusing, but if anybody could point me in a possible direction, I'd be very grateful!

(also posted to bloodclaim and my journal)

ETA: Problem solved. white_aster gave me the idea of combining runes to achieve the desired effect which fits well with what I have planned, as it allows me to add an additional rune to signify protection into the design.

Big thank you to everyone who made suggestions, though! You guys rock!
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