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I know nothing about opera except for that there's a chance that your opera house contains and opera ghost and then you just have all sorts of problems. I also don't have the slightest idea how to search this, as I also know nothing about languages in which operas are usually sung so it's not really like I can check for lyrics.

For the background of a scene, I need a fairly old, well known song/bit of an opera that is either about flight* or falling or very clearly begins calmly and escalates into relative mayhem relatively quickly, like some sort of fight perhaps. Ideally, I'd get a song about flight that also escalates, but we can't have everything we want and either would work just as well. Any help in the way of songs or better terms to Google than "opera" and "flight" (incidentally, there's an opera called Flight, but it's fairly new and appears to be rather stupid and is an airport comedy. Something renowned is key here, and a bit older and more classic than this thing about Charles Lindbergh that won't leave me alone) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

*Edit: By "flight" I mean flying, not fleeing. I didn't think about that rather large detail.
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