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Effects of finger loss

Okay - I've tried googling 'finger loss' 'loss of finger' 'removal of finger' 'finger removal' and 'severed finger' (plus 'first aid') and I can't find what I'm looking for, so I've come here. (If anyone has any suggestions for Googling terms, that'd be great, because I feel sure this information should be out there somewhere).

I have a character who loses his middle and ring finger and half his little finger (quick cut, very sudden). He doesn't get first aid help immediately due to the situation he's in.

How much would it bleed? I kind of assumed it would bleed a lot, but I haven't been able to find any info on how heavy the flow would be or how long it would last.

I also assumed it would hurt a hell of a lot. Am I right to, or does the 'never assume' bit come in here as well? ^^

As it stands at the moment, the character leaves the scene of the accident (he doesn't get a chance to collect his lost fingers) staggers upstairs and makes his way eventually to a room where he collapses. He is woken by another character, there is an altercation with a third character, and he finally has his hand bandaged, although first aid is rudimentary. Is it likely that he'd black out, and if so, would he be able to be woken up and to walk unaided afterwards?

I feel sure I should have been able to find these answers somewhere else, but I am open to any other suggestions for research. Thank you!
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