Cygna-hime (cygna_hime) wrote in little_details,

Questions re:Drowning

I'm making a character attempt suicide by drowning, because I'm evil like that. However, never having drowned myself, I have no idea how it works. So, questions.

How much time conscious would the drowning person have? If he did something such as deliberately breathe in, would that effect it, and how? Is there any other way someone with little to no specialized knowledge would think of to accelerate the process? How long after entering the water would the person have to be pulled out to survive, if the only person around had no special knowledge of lifesaving? How would drowning, and...err...un-drowning, I suppose...actually work? How long would it be before he regained consciousness? Would he be confused or disoriented? What would the effects be?

I know nothing, yes. Oh, first post. *waves*

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