A dark storm raging (tabbyclaw) wrote in little_details,
A dark storm raging

Questions from young children about serious injuries

I have a character who was in a major car accident a few years back and underwent extensive experimental reconstruction. In addition to a slew of repairs on her innards, her right eye and left arm have been completely replaced with fully-functional but visibly artificial prosthetics. She's a giant leap forward in her world's medical technology and has been getting a decent amount of media attention.

Now she's been talked into being part of an elementary school assembly aimed at acclimating children to people with disabilities, which will mostly entail telling them about her accident and subsequent surgeries (nothing too graphic), the problems she's had, and how she works around them. Her audience consists of children between five and eight years old and their teachers. What questions are they likely to ask her?
Tags: ~childrearing

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