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Brazil Universities, Ethnobotany

Alright, I know that, especially in the Amazon, there are these people called Ethnobotanists. They learn about the local flora from the indigenous tribes, right?

However, what I have is a young man (22-26-ish; that's a bit negotiable) who's on a field rotation for his doctorate (? maybe, possibly master's degree) in ethnobotany. My problem? He's Brazillian. He speaks almost flawless English, and of course Portugese. However, if he's going to an upscale university, which one is it?

I've tried google, but unfortunately, the translated pages are making my eyes cross, since they're very difficult to read.

All I need is the bloody name, and maybe something about how long his field study would be, and a confirmation on his age.

Any help is appreciated.
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