thallium_murder (thallium_murder) wrote in little_details,

Brave New World

So, I'm tossing around ideas for a story I want to write, and I've pretty much got a setting in mind. I just have questions to determine the feasibility/effects of my setting. It will be a somewhat sci-fi setting and take place on another planet.

The planet's average temperature would ideally be much hotter than than Earth's, yet the new inhabitants of this planet are human.

I plan on having them live on the deep Southern Hemisphere, near the poles. My questions are as follows:

-What would the realistic hottest equatorial temperatures be to still allow Earth flora and fauna on the poles?
-During high summer, and the time that the sun is up for more than 24 hours on the poles, how much would temperatures soar as compared to normal?
-Two satellites, what would be the tidal effects? Assuming they reflect the same amount of light as our moon, or more, would that be enough to light the world for human eyes? Would plants be able to photosynthesize?
-With my setting, are there any other variables I'd need to keep in mind?

I think that is all that I had in mind to ask for now.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~climate/weather, ~science: biology (misc), ~science: geology

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