EQUAL-OPPORTUNITY ANNOYANCE (telophase) wrote in little_details,

Current slang synonym for hacker/cracker?

Are there any current slang terms used for crackers (i.e., malicious hackers)? I need something that has more of a flavor of competence than 'script kiddy' and something that indicates more of actual cracking of systems than 'warez d00d,' which refers to pirated software.

I've poked around the Jargon File a bit but haven't come up with anything satisfying.

The context in which it's to be used is so that one character mentions a hacker and another cahracter says something like "Don't you mean [new slang term]?" so that it will open the way for the first character to make a crack about the second character's young age. (I'm not actually the writer, but the artist for a comic story, but the writer asked me for help, and that's the situation she currently has set up.)

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