Ashes (cheeky_duckie) wrote in little_details,

drug territory & conflict between male/female drug dealers in the 90's

Google is giving me some interesting results on female drug use and stats, but it's not really helping with my plot-turning setup.

I've got a female character who deal drugs, heroin to be precise, and the setup is that she's encroaching on someone else's territory to start with, and just generally pisses them off to boot. As always, two questions:

1] Do (unnecessarily violent) drug dealers give warnings to trespassers, or is the gunshot all the warning she'd get?
2] Was there any stigma among drug dealers regarding women dealing in the early/mid nineties? I figure it'd be the same mentality as men in the business world when it comes to viewing women as less capable, but would it be anything more developed than that?

Tags: 1990-1999, ~recreational drugs

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