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religion and nuns circa before 1800's

Not to be completely inept but I have a character left at a nunnery as a baby. In my thought process the nuns take her in and christen her with a name. Is it actually possible for nuns to christen a child? Are nuns certain to only a few types of religion and christening to another? Also nunneries didn't always hold nuns but also banished women did they not? I am very bad with religion and time lines and googling it confuses me more. I don't want to pinpoint a time period as it will matter very little after the first or second chapter. Thanks.

Edit: okay so to be more detailed It is set at first in a place like England but thats not England. This is a fantasy world with rules and a history so if a baby is set down at a Nunnery in this world I would want the nuns to baptise the baby. They are doing so because they see a birthmark that scares them and they believe who ever brought this baby to the nunnery is trying to protect it and they believe this will help keep the baby safe. Also I want the Nuns to name the baby before she finds out her true name much later on. This is why the time period doesnt matter in my mind since it isnt relevant to our world, just based off of it.
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