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how to deal with a stalker

My MC has a stalker, who followed her home from school and grabbed her arm. Her friend came up and started shouting at him, and the man ran away. The friend's parents called the police. From what I've read, they could charge the man with assault and battery, but it's a pretty minor event here. My questions are:

-- would the police take this seriously? She's 15 and the man is in his 20's or so, and this is in the Chicago suburbs. Would they talk about pressing charges?
-- can they find out who this man is without pressing charges? (they have his license plate number) Or would the police just drop the whole thing if they refuse to press charges?
-- what options does the MC and the family she's staying with have if they want to keep him away from her. Would they be able to get a restraining order from what happened? (I'm not sure if this is serious enough for that)

I'm trying to figure out where to go with the story here. Thanks for any ideas.

(edit: I think I got my answer, thanks for all the help!)
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